Thursday, November 12, 2009


If i'm not mistaken there is exactly one more week before the movie "NEW MOON" comes out.i am a big fan of Stephanie Meyers books so the anticipation is so intensely high for me...and ever other fan.I just hope that its a good adaptation of the book.Like everyone else i have been watching the hype grow bigger and bigger and now all i just want to do is finally watch the movie.If its smoke without a fire,i'm going to be so disappointed.As alot of books have never seen justice done to them on celluloid,but then again thats just hoping too much.The written word will never be vindicated,i think never,because of the fact that a book delves into a person's experience,from a certain perspective and well movies tend to take an external view of maybe that mindset.Apart from all of that we all have our own imagination of what characters in a book will be like so there will never be a justification to satisfying ever person's imagination....and coming back to the topic of...i just hope Chris Weitz or the cast don't screw it up.

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