Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MARC BY MaRc Jacobs

I Don't usually write fashion reviews mainly because of the fact that i'm not that relevant in my insights.But i'm trying to start so even if the reviws are really bad...people will still buy it even without my opinion.But since this is my blog i need newelements to interest me.So let me start...the marc line has always been more youthful that the marc jacobs show and basically i just want everpeacoat piece that was featured in the show.I DO LoVE My PEACOAT.Apart from that,thae silhouettes are clean and not overtly outlandish like past shows as there was little use of colour but then it is NY Fashion week for fall.Marc seems to have sobered up abit as the pieces looked like a new version of old staples. BTW i've only posted my favorite pieces.

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