Friday, February 12, 2010


Its a sad time for the fashion industry as it looses one of its most talented Alexander McQueen commited suicide and well its been a loss thats hard to just fathomly imagine.For me personally speaking,its still a shock.McQueen was one of the reasons i loved fashon.His shows were spectacles to behold.You just knew it was a McQueen coz his signature elements of the gothic theme,the romance in the clothes,that it factor which many tried to reproduce but mostly failed at doing...this was what made him so great.I was instantly a fan after seeing his collection on one of the fashion tv shows.I was mesmerised and in awe of the fact that there was such a human being who was this talented and had just a great impact on contemporary fashion.The fashion world is harsh and so fast moving that sometimes i can't keep up but seeing an Alexander McQueen show was sometimes enough for me.I also have to mention the fact that my obsession with skull print everything began with his most famous scarf.It still is but a far off dream that oneday i would own a piece of his work.Its a heartbreaking time for his fans as well as he was an irreplaceable part of fashion as it is.Mr.McQueen,i hope that you found the peace you longed for andthat you may not know me,you had a great impact on how i see the world.

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