Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Was going through the MISCHA BARTON fashion spot forum the other day and i just cannot believe how much she's changed.And not for the better i might add.Mischa has become so tired looking of late and her trying to be edgy with her looks these days is so not working.I miss the old Mischa(like when she was in The OC).She was so fresh looking back then.She was pretty darn beautiful with great hair and her wardrobe was to die for...God that seemed like another lifetime ago.Mischa honey,i hope you get out of your "rocker" phase and move forward with a more sophisticated wardrobe soon like how Rachel Bilson and Nicole Ritchie have done.Heres hoping and praying for that miracle to come sooon!!!!(p.s she looks good in this pic though abit old...THE PIC NOT HER)

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