Friday, May 7, 2010


I've been rambling on for months now about how i've suddenly looked @ denim with such a greener eye...i mean i was one of those people who got really irritated no make that Cringe(literally) when seeing denim on denim looks.Call it change in the times,the resurgence of grunge or coz i have been seeing too many hipster just seems to click now.With all trends there will be a point where it becomes OD'd by the public and i have a feeling that maybe this would be one of them(i can only hope not) .Lets face it..Who does not love denim???Its a motherfucking Bad-ass of a fabric and seems to go with everything and every body its comfortable and versatile too.I mean you don't see people in fabrics like tweed or satin from summer to winter do you?..Course i haven't actually posted any Texas Business suits here..i'm still meh but leather and denim..perfect. Posted pictures of really cute girls in their beloved denim.Oh before i forget i'd also like to note that pictures i've posted are from various,really awesome blogs soooo even if i dont always give em the credit i'll just say thanks to all of them now.THank you to all the fashion blogs i follow who have kept this blog more interesting.Peace!!!

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