Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Covet

So in a few weeks from now i have to go to my cousin's wedding....and it is a disastuh!!!I have absolutely nothing to wear.As i have mentioned before i am abit(ahem) of a lazybum and my ass is HUGE but staying on the topic i really need to find a dress.Like most wedding trends these days its all theme-based and now i have to find something...a design that looks good esp since the fabric i've been given is SATIN(my fabric foe...grrrr). So i'm lulling over that horrid aspect and looking through Net-a-porter like a mad woman when i come upon this little number.I'm not particularly saying that it will suit my fat ass but a girl can dream can't she???Its by Vionnet and it is abit on the conservative side but i am surprisingly prudish towards dresses.Aaaaaahhh fashion always leaves me in a predicament and cleans out my piggybank in the process.WANT WANT WANT!!!!!!

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