Saturday, May 8, 2010


So its a saturday night and i have a hefty assignment hovering over my head which i'm pretending does not exist at the moment and doing what i usually do i.e post blogs...see other people's blogs and try not to remember the fact that on monday i may have to fake a seizure or some shit.anyhooo i was just goin through the various blogs and i just had to give kudos to these chicks.It takes me like 5 minutes to get ready coz i have to face constant humidity changes and everyday for the past few days has felt like a bloated day so even though i run a fashion blog i am guilty of not seeing what i wear in the mornings.So every fashion blogger who takes the time to think a great outfit through i really do appreciate.....their passion and the time they put into these blogs coz i have thought about it y'know.starting a blog solely with my wardrobe et all but then meh...i'm too lazy to even take pictures with my phone camera soo that thought went out the window.So here i am writing and posting stuff i feel has entered my realm of thinking and well my hats off to you gals.You are my fashion inspirations who keep me excited everyday about fashion.

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