Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coveting this tee by Rogue+ Noir

I don't normally put words to describe stuff that i love....that sounded wrong....okay maybe i do,but most of the time its a first basis of a reaction..a sense reaction.So when i see anything i like or love...anything ranging from songs,food,shoes, get my drift it always comes down to an AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!..simple,scary and effective.Coming to the point of this post,i think i first saw this on Kate Lanphear(Fashion Goddess incarnated) and my first dumb founded reaction after scaring my dogs shitless was...Want Want Want..The tee is made by the company Rogue + Noir and its all hand-made...shredding et al.There are different versions and pieces i've soon discovered that i also still covet but can't have(Curse being a poor student!!) after checking out their site . I'm not eloquent enough to describe the level of insanity these pieces of clothing do to my senses.ITS INSANELY SICK!!..Thats why i'm sharing it in this here blog..'Nuff typing..more viewing.

(Pics from Rogue+Noir,Tfs and blogs i can't remember...SORRY!!)

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