Friday, July 16, 2010


Its that time again where i say something that is completely unimportant but still is on my mind.I talk a lot about obsessions in this blog but the truth is.....i'm just one of those people. I don't get why i enjoy blogging so much...i mean i've never really posted any photo of myself (i wish i could but i have no camera and i'm too lazy) so that narcissism is a bit not there in my world.On the other hand...90% of the articles which i've posted i highly doubt i'll even see in this lifetime so why this constant need to blog??...i ask myself this for quiet sometime...frankly i can't give a solid answer but blogging is the only way i think i can relate to fashion now.I've always loved fashion but if you actually see me in reality you'd be quiet surprised that i'm not so fashionable =P.I'm just a typical girl whose deep dark secret is quote that horrid but famous line "I have a passion for FASHION".Its a corny line but its speaks a truth for me.I'm a BIG fan of magazines and i hate it when people say its a dying institute.Seeing pictures on paper in high-quality is always more exciting than seeing it online in my opinion.I've never actually thrown away much of the magazines i've bought in the last ten years so now i just have a huge stack that i still look at from time to time.Magazines have always sucked out most of my money so maybe thats why they are one of my treasured things and they were also the fire that ignited this fashion amour in my existence. The most part of fashion and magazines i've come to enjoy most now is actually editorials...i can never get enough of them.When i was younger i cared more about what the latest "it" thing was...bags,shoes,people...i still do but i've come to appreciate the work of great photographers,stylists,make-up artists...the whole shin-dig.I love it when they create different atmospheres and the model brings the clothes to life in the process.Photographers like Paolo Roversi are especially my favorite.The ethereal feel to the whole pictures is haunting and romantic.Don't get me wrong i love Mert & Markus,Juergen Teller Et all but Roversi's work is something i guess i really connect with.A great example would be about Sasha P. i was not a fan of hers but i've since converted due to her collaborations with Roversi.Fashion Gone Rogue is my favorite site for editorial works but i'm controlling myself to not always go to that site as i always loose track of time and i always end up wanting to frame and hang so many of the pictures in my room or the blog.In context of magazines...i really do wish i could get my hands on copies of Italian,French and Japanese Vogue as well as European magazines like Purple,Pop,Nylon,Dazed & Confused and Paper too...I really do wish i could.

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