Friday, November 26, 2010


Baaah!!I can't find or put enough pictures of this collection for this post.The king of sequins Ashish's a/w 2010 collection has suddenly become my obsession.Where was i before??i loved the grungy(duh)styling and the fact that even though a lot of the pieces are sequins they do not transpire into cocktail or flashy images.Very down low but statement pieces all around.Ashish has always been very cheeky with his designs.But this collection particularly looks so polished and i love that he dazzles really mundane pieces of clothing like the flannel shirt or the striped pajamas(Grrr want this piece baaaad)giving them new life. Or maybe i suddenly like/appreciate this collection more because i dress like a hobo most of the time.heh.Its like this collection has become a reflection for my dream wardrobe....with more sequins.

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