Saturday, February 12, 2011


Three distinct(maybe not too distinct if you really look at them) outfits that have really captured my heart.ahem..listing reasons(even if not really need) :

I loooove Man Repeller.Don't you?She is so funny and really puts humour into fashion.I particularly love this outfit for a)Her expression.80% of my own pics are of me with a really big grin.Fun fact ;P b)Its a fun twist on menswear which is forever one of my favorite trends in fashion. c)Red and grey.Two really great colours in my eyes.Perfect combination.

Kate Bosworth's style has really grown on me.uuuuh i'm a bit late on that admiration train.Isabel Marant boots.Proenza bag.Jewel Mint(i just like how this name sounds when it rolls off my tongue) jewelery.Grey on grey.Its a minimalist feast for the eyes!!!

This one is from Hanneli Mustaparta.Sao Paulo Fashion Week to be exact.This picture just bursts of the neo-bohemian/grungy/nineties trend that's so relevant now.Plus i really want her bag and jewelery too.


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