Sunday, July 10, 2011

This is just a little blurb in between posting photos.I was just "pondering" on the frivolity that is fashion.I've become somewhat jaded by fashion it seems.This sudden epiphany hits me just now.What is the difference between having a style of your own and following trends.Is it not the same thing these days???There is no originality left.We have become just avid recyclers.And in talking closer to my home base-I question my own feeble attempt at fashion.I do not follow trends partly because:a)I do not shop and b)I'm fucking lazy.Lazy has become an inclined spirit in my life.In trying to reach out to this fashion fantasy,what do I achieve really??We all want to think that we have distinctive taste(some more than others) and what is the achievement in that??Because I wear a certain style of clothing which is not available in the mass market...does that mean I have my own "style" because that certain clothing will bcome eventually available again as a new trend...then that would make me one of the many hundreds and even thousands of girls wearing the same fucking top or pants or whatever.Where does that leave my so called individual "style".This i just a silly little rant because I know the rational answer but this fear just engulfs my head sometimes and its so silly.Even I can say how fucking silly it is and yet...its still there.The fear.

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