Monday, April 19, 2010

Can i tell you a secret???

Mmmmmkay,its not that much of a secret but i am addicted to POLYVORE.Yes,a silly little site has gotten its clutches on my imagination and for pure purposes of pleasure i give into it.Like most sites with this kind of feature(clothes,accessories,art)..its a tool that just gives you a chance to play with clothes.I'm no Kate,Sienna or Alexa with a drool-worthy wordrobe of designer duds so this kinda fills up that spot.Expensive clothes with abit of creativity....and its freeeee.But seriously its quite something to pass the lulling hours of everyday boredom.....What??you want to see the sets i've created...maybe next time(if that ever happens)..i just typed this in to fill in a space...

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