Monday, April 19, 2010



Aaah...Coachella...a music festival thats held every year.Famous as much for its head-liners as it is for the hipsters as well as the celebrities that gather like insects to light its a juxtaposition of fashion,music ,Hollywood and really hot weather.People enjoy the music wearing barely nothing except sun-dresses and shorts...and boots(????).I understand the concept,it will look cute but i wonder if its ever functional especially in really hot weather.Guess thats how they do it in sunny California.Everyone is a cestpool of vintage frocks and really tribal jewellery.I've only put up pictures of looks i like [Btw Beyonce looks really cute but i can't help but laugh abit coz she looks like she's trying sooo hard...guess Mrs.Hova wanted to be down with the hipster folks]

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