Sunday, May 16, 2010


I've just finished watching the first season of the british show called "Skins" and i've become a huge fan of it.Its,in my opinion what american shows like Gossip Girl thrive for but don't really reach.Its edgy,explicit and deals with issues without it being calculated or formulaic(is that even a word).The best part of the show which made me enjoy it more,y'know apart from the hard partying which look like massive amounts of fun has to be the relationship between characters Sid and Cassie.Unrequited love always is dramatic and makes for good television but the show really does have a heart.It feels real but at the same time so wildly fictional or fantastical.Cassie's wardrobe is also another element of the show i quiet enjoy...she epitomizes quirky with a capital "Q".I am quiet behind i do admit but good shows never get i read somewhere they[good tv shows] just become vintage and cooler with age and not dated.Season 1 was from 4-5 years ago and yet it still maintains a fresh quality.Sooooo to end this little i've put up some pics and a video of the Skins cast just coz i'm so enthused by this bloody show.

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