Saturday, March 19, 2011


I think that i should pay more homage to the Olsen sisters.I have not been posting these little fashion creatures alot but its been very hard.Their pictures keep popping up and i keep scrolling to the point i forget i have a blog.So an homage is needed.Since the early 2000's Mary-Kate and Ashley have been an inspiring pair.The Hobo/bohemian aesthetic.The skillful layering.Yep,for a whole generation they were our inspiration(meaning:trying to copy their awesome bag lady looks but just being EPIC FAILS) Even a decade later they still have that nonchalant way of wearing basics and making them feel fresh.This is a very difficult task.I know coz i try to do it all the time but again flailing like an unequipped soldier.They are "Style Stars"-been watching E alot lately-sooooo bazinga.Mary-Kate circa 2004-2008 esp was she's going through a Janis 70's thing..i feel she went static here but the witchy vibe is keeping me enchanted still.Ashley never goes wrong with her choices.American sportswear shown at its beston her petite figure. Here are some inspiring Mk & Ashley looks.Not many but all GOh-geoussss!!!

This is from Olsen daily fix for Mk/Ashley pics.She owns this look right??

Is it a coat?Is it a dress??...these are the mysteries of Olsen fashion....

Elizabeth Olsen.Yeah this is how to wear a prissy blouse with a youthful edge.psssht....would rock this look soo hard.

One of their best outfits currently imo.Maybe you'd disagree but whatever...i am coveting Ashley's Foxy sweater and Mk's sweent red skinnies.

(Just Jared,Olsen Anonymous)

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