Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Alison Mosshart holds a special place in my heart...and in this blog.She is a daily inspiration for me.If you look back on some of the past posts YOu Will SEE THAT!!!...joking aside i was quiet surprised to find her doing a daily style post for Vogue UK.She is a bit more rough around the edges than say Lily Aldridge.But Alison seems to have garnered more style fans especially after her work with Dead Weather and her association with Kate Moss.Looking over the pictures we can see that the girl has elements of high fashion (Pam Hogg,Maison Martin Margiela,Burberry) and street based designers like Bess and Uniqlo in her wardrobe.As expected there are lots of fur,leopard and boots in this daily documentation.She has always stuck to her creature comforts but what is surprising is the more feminine pieces. I never actually expected from this from her.She still surprises me in her subtle ways.Most...no all of her shoes and hats are lust worthy articles.She has often said that she would never want to look like a roadie(on stage anyways)but even in her daily life she truly does emplify a rocknroll aura.Like Keith Richards and Janice Joplin with a mix of Sedgwick and Patty Smith.

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