Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Angus Stone and Isabel Lucas:Fast becoming my favorite hippie/hobo couple.Australia has alot of cool people as celebrities.

Sky Farreira:I love her hair!!Lavender or blonde.I like em both.Sky also epitomizes the more youthful counter culture of Hipsters.Ironic dressing with 90's grunge trend.Still love it on her.

Isabel Lucas:Can never have enough pictures of her flowy dresses especially in summer.

Vanessa Hudgens:Was never much of a fan buuut this outfit.This outfit is perfect.I love Hippies always.
Katy Perry:She just looks too cute.So adorable.

Dita Von Teese:A woman who wears nautical stripes and a coiffed updo in that heat needs to be praised.

Kate Bosworth:Her outfit is cute but she gives it a boost because she's KATE BOSWORTH!!

Alexa Chung:Philip Lim.Always good in my book.

(Pics from Studded Hearts,Just Jared,Zimbio,Tumblr)

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