Sunday, August 28, 2011


I think the very first time I viewed Alexander McQueen's fashion shows was when I was in my Xth standard of high school.It was on a channel called Trendz which back then showed nothing but runway shows.I was not very familiar with the fashion industry,the only link I had with fashion was through the music I was listening to,I had no idea what Chanel stood for or what in God's name a Birkin was.Music was about it really,what Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez wore was more important to me than what any fashion show/editorial ever did.Granted television and teen magazines were the only form of media through which I connected with the world(Vogue was for me just a Madonna song and internet and computers were out of reach for my family) and then I stumbled upon McQueen's show one lazy afternoon.I was transfixed with his shows.They both repelled me and fascinated me.This show in particular puzzled me alot.I understood that he was trying to show how beauty could be seen even in the most ugliest of things but intellectualizing fashion shows when I was 16 was not a top priority.McQueen's shows slowly guided into the world of fashion to be quiet honest.I was enamoured,obsessed and could not get enough of everything fashion after that.Its led me to the place I am right avid admirer of fashion.McQueen's show instilled in my head that fashion was not just trends of the moment but so much more.It was and culture patched together in a single piece of garment.For this reason I always hold McQueen in the highest of esteems and it makes me so sad that we will never view the same vision of his shows again.

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sophisticatedly yours said...

honest words indeed. Love how you give praises to McQueen. Indeed he was and still is in my heart, a true artist with a pure vision.